Nurse Scrap Metal is Peterborough's industry-leading scrap metal and electronic recycling center - dedicated to helping reduce waste through extensive recycling services.

Since 1954, we have worked hard and efficiently to provide a variety of services, all aimed at fostering a high level of environmental awareness — as well as striving to keep our world clean.

"Don't Scrap Safety, Scrap Safely!"

Our Services

Environmentally Friendly Services For A Cleaner Planet

​Nurse Scrap Metal is Peterborough’s industry-leading recycling center — providing convenient and effective scrap metal and electronic  recycling programs that cater to both corporate and individual needs. Our varied services make it easy to recycle and help out the environment by reducing daily waste. Check out some of the services we offer, and see how we can help you keep  scrap metal and electronics out of the landfills (AND put some cash in your pocket)!

Metal Recycling

We strive to keep the environment clean through our wide range of services. Our services were designed to simplify the metal recycling process for residents in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. 

Bins/53 ft Scows

Since 1954, Nurse Scrap Metal has provided a wide range of recycling services at incomparable market rates. Our roll off bin and 53 foot scow rentals are no exception to that. Contact us today to request a quote.

End of Life Vehicles

At Nurse Scrap Metal, we go out of our way to make sure your end of life vehicle recycling process is made easy as possible. Our state of the art vehicle processing unit is designed to keep ALL contaminants off the ground.

Electronic Recycling

We work with an OES approved buyer, which allows us to pay for your electronic waste. Recycling electronics saves 50+ MILLION tons of plastic from our landfills each year! Call us today or any day to request our current pricing on electronics.

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